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TH-11B Hank to Cone Winder machine
  • TH-11B Hank to Cone Winder machine
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Product Description

  The TH-11B Hank to Cone Rewinding machine is applied with the most advanced technology of unwinding actively in the world. It introduces the yarn loading tension control technology from Europe to make the yarn tension even while winding, which can make the tension same both inside and outside. Besides, it can also set the tension as required to improve the yarn quality and production efficiency. This technology provides the perfect solution for the yarn which cannot be unwound. It realizes the dream of dyeing and winding directly after texturing.


Types of winding

program or precision

Mechanical speed

up to 1200m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)

Package shape

freely programmable

Traverse length

147-250mm infinitely variable

Take-up package diameter

up to 280mm

Package weight

up to 4kg

Supply package diameter

up to 320mm


textured or flat filaments, elastic yarns, silk, staple yarns, fine technical yarns

Take-up tubes

cylindrical and conical up to 3°30′ conicity


single sided machine

Number of spindles per section


Min. / Max. number of spindles






Installed power

~280w per spindle

Power consumption

~136w per spindle

Density of winding

automatic control

Tension device


Volume per section (L*W*H)


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