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YF-H Smal bobbin winding machine
  • YF-H Smal bobbin winding machine
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YF-H model Small Bobbin winding machine is for winding sewing thread on small bobbins, like 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch type, applicable for winding sewing thread with different materials such as pure cotton, Dacron and Kapron. It features as the fine effect, easy operation, safety and reliability.
Suitable size of cone: from 2 nch to 3inch, according to customer’s needs.
Function features:
It is equipped with the new generation computer measuring apparatus.
It is equipped with the thread break auto-stop device.
It is equipped with the electron tension and silicone oiling device.
It is equipped with the disconnecting automatic memory function.
Can add and assemble putting(to be special order from the consumers)
hopper and belt housing.
Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.
2" 2.5", 3''
No of spindles 6 Spindles 6 Spindles
Cone for each spindle 5-6 5
Thread Length 0-500(M) 0-500(M)
Motor 380V/220V 50Hz 180W X 6
Working Speed 100-150 Meter/min
Machinevolume 2.08ML × 0.80MW × 1.05MH
Weight of the Machine 400Kg

2.17ML × 0.90MW × 1.10MH

Weight 500Kg


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