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HBF122 Hank reeling machine
  • HBF122 Hank reeling machine
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HBF-122 Hank reeling machine, This machine is used for rewinding yarns from Cone to Hank, can suit like silk, nylon, chemical fiber silk single strands, strand silk, cotton, Acrylic, Wool yarn and etc , auto stop when it is equipped with advanced computer broken wires, computer correct length, etc.
Equipment improvement lies in: the original on the basis of the board, now change to 6 mm, 8 mm PVC plastic sheet, make the yarn permanent is put on it and do not like wood rotting long period of time. 


Spindle No.s 50 or 60 spindles
Spindle Gauge 122mm
Traverse Gauge Standard type 50~100mm,also can make to order
Working speed 280r/min  251 r/min  230 r/min  192 r/min 159 r/min
Hank perimeter(each lap ) 1100mm 1350mm 1500mm 1650mm 1900mm 2200mm
Motor power 0.75kw×2
Machine shape Double-sided single-layer
Weight 1000kg
Length counter machine installed length counter device
Inverter Installed the inverter
Machine size L4500× W1350 × H1800mm


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