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NF310 Fiber yarn TFO Twisting machine

NF310 Fiber yarn TFO twisting machine

Machine Application:

NF310AD Fiber Yarn TFO Twisting machine, the machine is used for fiber yarns to make twisting, suit for like Polyester, FDY, Synthetic yarn and etc, One rotate two twists, the efficiency is doubled compared with the normal type twisting machine. the capacity of take up bobbin is enlarged, ten thousand meter yarn without knots.
1. High speed spindle (with patent)
2. the speed is above 16000 RPM, the production increase 40%.
3. Maintain easy. no need to add lubrication oil.
4. Efficient and Energy saving: improve the bearing supporting method, saving power more than 15%.

Technical parameters:

Dimension (L*W*H) MM

16605 x 710 x 1900mm

Type of machine

Two sides one layer

Spindle NO.

standard 256 spindles

Twist Direction

S or Z

Spindle speed

MAX : 16000 r/min

Twist range

80-1800 TPM


Servo motor:1.5kw x 2, reducing motor: 2.2kw x2, Main motor:7.5kw x 2

Take up forming mode

electronic forming

Tension system

Steel Ball tension with joint ring

Electric control

Digital touch screen