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TS008D Intermingled Machine

Assemble winding machine

TS008D Intermingled machine

TS008D Intermingled machine

TS008D Intermingled machine

Machine Application:

TS008A Multi-ply Yarn Assemble Winding Machine, it's for multi ply yarns mixing winding together, can Assemble wind like 2-12 plys yarns into same one bobbin(according to customer demand), can suit like cotton yarn, wool yarn, Acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, DTY and etc.

Technical parameters:

Bobbin type



One side, can max 48 spindles

Power Supply

380V 3 phases / 220V Single phase


each spindle with one motor Driving

Installed Power


Take-up package

Tube Bobbin

Yarn tension

Each spindle with Mechanical yarn tension Device

Auto Stop Device

Each spindle with auto stop function

Electronic Anti-Stack

Inverter control

Lamp System


Air Splicer

Optional installed

Blower cleaner

Optional installed

Dimensions per section(4 spindles)

L 1920 x W 850 x H 1650 mm