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Companies focus on corporate culture, the use of modern advanced management mode, a comprehensive import CIS corporate image recognition system. The establishment of a scientific, clear organizational structure, sound operation.

"Customer's Faith, the preferred brand supplier" is our business to pursue the goal, we have always to strict requirements of their own ...

Advanced high-tech content of equipment, to adjust the product structure, the development of new boutique to create conditions. Companies to give full play to the early development of high-grade, high-level, distinctive, promising new products, "TANGSHI (TOMS)" brand to achieve a qualitative leap.

Corporate philosophy: excellent quality from innovation

Enterprise vision: industry first leading TangShi(TOMS)

Enterprise purpose: to serve the global pursuit of customer satisfaction

Core values concept: integrity faithful and harmonious care and rigorous diligence innovation first class

Development concept: a market, effective, conditional and sustainable development.